Wednesday 4 March 2015

Maternity leave hours

As Joan will begin her maternity leave from the 20th of March there will be some temporary changes in Marks hours:

1) Joans last shift at Pound Rd Medical Centre will be Thurs 19th of March 2-8pm

2) Marks hours at Pound Rd will increase from Tues the 24th of March to:

  • Tues 2 - 8pm
  • Wed 2 - 8pm
  • Fri 2 - 8pm
3) Marks hours at Colchester Medical Centre from Tues the 24th of March will change to:
  • Tues 9am - 1pm
  • Thurs 9am - 3pm
4) Joan will most likely return to Pound Rd Medical Centre in August 2015

** For physiotherapy appointments please call 8796 6300 (Pound Rd) or 9720 5515 (Colchester Medical Centre) **